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Bible Reading Plans

Create plans that fit your life,
your schedule, and your community.

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Customize Everything

  • Finish after x years/months/weeks/days, finish on a particular date, or finish by reading x chapters/verses/minutes per session
  • Read the Full Bible, the Old Testament, the New Testament, or your choice of any amount of Bible books
  • Read in traditional order (Genesis to Revelation), chronological order, or as a rotation through different Biblical genres
  • Select any number of days of the week to read on
  • Instantly see your finish date and how many minutes each reading session will be based on your choices

Read Time Estimates

Plan your day better by checking how many minutes today's reading will take. Estimates are based on your reading speed, which you can adjust and measure anytime.

Behind? Catch Up Instantly!

  • Move all unread passages past due to your next session
  • Delay your end date
  • Keep your end date, but make each remaining session longer

Ahead? Lock In Your Gains!

  • Update your due dates to finish early
  • Keep your end date, but make each remaining session shorter

Read With Your Community

  • Get and give accountability: Invite others to observe your reading progress on a plan.
  • Read alongside your small group: Invite others to participate in a plan together. Progress can be shared or made anonymous.
  • Create plans for entire churches to follow: Allow anyone to participate in a reading plan by distributing an invite code.


See how far you are in the plan, how far ahead or behind you are, your current and best on-time streak, and how often you've been early, on-time, or late. For group plans, compare your reading progress and current/best on-time streaks to other participants.

Download on the App Store Android App on Google Play
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